Screening Success

Whether it’s dirt, rubble or sand, industrial dirt screeners take the brunt of the load. Sifting through pounds of materials under extraneous pressure — so they need a strong support to help them last project after project. From ease of function and portability to a frame that can withstand heavy boulders, York-Seaway produces precise applications for the screening industry.

Structural tube steel framing
Hydraulic conveyors
Heavy duty shaker tables

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We weren’t familiar with the screener industry, but we became experts.

We have it covered when it comes to welding and design, but for topsoil screening we rely on our partners at Pitbull for the best screening products on the market. With an innovative design and “built tough” vision, these topsoil screeners are above the rest (and we aren’t just saying that because we helped build them).

“From concept and design to the final paint job, York-Seaway was there every step of the way. They are a valued partner in the success of our screeners.”

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Engineering & Design

Pitbull came to us with the idea, we helped with the rest

Our engineers conducted in-depth research on competitor machines and screeners, taking the best those products had to offer and helping to design Pitbull’s line of heavy-duty screeners, grizzlys, conveyors and feeders.

It wasn’t our initial plan to design every single piece. But during prototype testing, the conveyors we subcontracted weren’t holding up to the “Pitbull Tough” standard. We realized the best conveyor hadn’t been created yet, so we made one that fit our, and Pitbull’s, criteria.

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Industrial Machining


We machined every piece that went into Pitbull’s screeners

There was a lot of experimentation to achieve maximum performance. One specific piece of that puzzle was the shaker shaft. Turning, milling and a lot of trial and error went into machining a piece that would perform its function.

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Welding & Assembly

Welding & Assembly

From pieces to product, finishing the puzzle

Made from heavy duty, tubular steel construction, the frame of the Pitbull Screener is a solid unit created using the Mint Well process while the MIG Welder was used to create the perfect fit.

But it is our talented employees who were integral to putting all the pieces together and creating the final product.

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Industrial Painting

Industrial Painting

Adding the finishing touch

Pitbull’s frame and pieces were sandblasted and painted using Sherwin Williams industrial product.

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